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Heritage Restoration
As an owner of a heritage building you will have fallen in love the charm, beauty and craftsmanship that went into creating the structure. You have willingly taken on the responsibility to generations both past and future to care for and preserve it. No matter what the extent of your restoration, whether bringing the building back to its original condition and colour schemes, underpinning and strengthening the original structure, restoring fireplaces and cast iron work, or adding an extension in harmony with the original building, Martin Building Services is happy to help ensure that your heritage building project is a success.
At Martin Building Services we have an experienced team of restoration experts who will put their extensive knowledge at your disposal. Our sought-after team of friendly professionals will guide you through every stage of restoring and maintaining your heritage building. We liaise with the Heritage Council to ensure all aspects of your project are considered, including Heritage Council Approvals if they are required. Our commitment to your project will ensure you avoid common pitfalls and turn your heritage restoration project into something you will be proud of and which adds value to your building.

Your Martin Building Services building expert is happy to show you examples of our work and arrange for you to view similar projects so you can see the quality of our restorations.

You Own Each Stage of the Building

When your invoice for a stage of the building process has been paid you own that stage. For you this means you own your concept or any plans and drawings that have been paid for. It also means you are only locked into one stage of the building process at a time.

Easy Communication

At Martin Building Service we want you to enjoy your build. Part of that means knowing who to speak to with any questions you may have.

For your peace of mind and ease of communication we assign a dedicated personal Foreman to you for your entire build. Your foreman will oversee all the work done on your project by our qualified tradesmen and leading hands. (all our trades people are employed by us - they are not contractors).

If at anytime you have questions about your build your foreman will be able to source the answers for you.

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