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Whether you are planning a new home, extension, renovation, commercial build, refurbishment, fit out, customised joinery or a heritage restoration project Martin Building Services has the experience to help you achieve your goals. With almost 15 years in the building industry and a proven track record for high quality work that comes in on budget, we can provide you with the service you are looking for. No matter what stage of the building process you are at, whether its ready to build or still planning, our professional team can help you.

At Martin Building Services we want to make your building experience exciting and memorable for all the right reasons. We are here to make it easy to bring your dream to life.

Why Martin Building Services is different

We are a one-stop shop capable of seeing you through from concept to completion. Whether its designing your new building, creating your shop fit-out, building your new home, adding an extension or maintaining your heritage building or business premises we can take care of all the details for you.

One foreman will run your build. This means you always have someone familiar available to answer your questions.

We employ all our tradesmen, meaning we can guarantee the quality and avoid delays waiting for subcontractors. We ensure that our tradespeople are available when they are needed on your job.

At Martin Building Services we only use Australian-made products which meet ALL of Australias rigorous safety standards. Inferior products made overseas not only cost Australian jobs - they can cost lives too. Using Australian products gives you peace of mind that your build is safe for your family, clients and employees.

Easy Communication

At Martin Building Service, one of our top priorities is helping you enjoy your build. Thats why we do all of the above and make sure were there to answer every question, explain every step and welcome you into the finished product. A big part of a professional approach is making sure you know who to talk to at every step of the way.

Thats why we do everything weve mentioned above. When you have your own personal foreman overseeing top-quality tradesmen who are using materials taken from the top shelf, it means theres less to worry about because you are being fully serviced.

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